10 Cool Contemporary Benches

As we begin to realize the negative consequences of living sedentary lifestyles and start making strides toward getting outside and being on the go more often, we still need a little break every now and then.  Today’s roundup of contemporary benches offers a host of creative moments of respite, brought to us by environmentally-minded designers who are using more and more bamboo — the darling of the sustainability movement — and repurposing previously cast-off metals into something usable and even beautiful.  Turns out, it is easy being green, so take a load off for a moment and peruse today’s eye-catching collection of modern-day lily pads.

undulating wood bench

Undulating Wood Bench by Matthias Pliessnig



bamboo art bench

Infinity Bamboo Bench by Andrew Williams and Tom Huang



orange XYZ bench

XYZ Bench from Marc Ruygrok



modern wood bench seating

Urban Cage Bench from Juampi Sammartino



swirly black park art bench

Park Bench by Pablo Reinoso



shiny red metal bench

Quilt Bench from Edge Company



slab bench

Shifting Slab Bench by Nico Yektai



leaf-shaped benches

Leaf Bench from Jirachi Tankijngawmong



modern bent wood bench

Modern Bench from Stephan Lie



woven metal bench

Metal Can Onart Bench



Shifting Slab Bench found at Nico Yektai.