10 Sumptuous Fabric Sofas

It used to be that fabric sofas were the foundation pieces of overly-formal living rooms and overly-casual dens, either so tightly stuffed (and stuffy) or so dated and worn that they’re decidedly tragic from both a functional and aesthetic perspective.  Today’s roundup, though, presents ten modern (and in some cases, retro-modern) pieces in simple patterns with smart (and occasionally sinewy) lines.  Moroso, Kati Meyer-Brühl and Monica Förster have a little fun deconstructing the traditional sofa shape into something more complex, while John Lewis keeps things classical and everyone else creates something in-between.  All, though, are worthy of being the focal point of any living space, and each looks rather cozy.  Now, there’s something to sink into.

luggage-inspired sofa

Blue Fabric Sofa from Moroso



olive colored sofa

Cosmo Fabric Sofa from the Iconix Collection



plush grey sofa

Grey Fabric Sofa from DFS UK



tufted lavender sofa

Hayworth Sofa from John Lewis



grey fabric sectional sofa

Karlstad Sofa from IKEA



midcentury modern grey sofa

Parker Sofa from Hotel Maison



grand green sofa

The Grand Sofa by Monica Förster



ultramodern neutral sofa

The Mosspink by Kati Meyer-Brühl



lime green ultrasuede sofa

Modern Fabric Sofa from Energia



classic pattern upholstered sofa

Patterned Fabric Sofa from West Elm


Parker Sofa found at Horchow.