12 Cool Examples Of Modern Cave Architecture

Cave homes are no loner primitive or a thing of our prehistoric past! In fact you will be surprised to know that the style is quite popular in architecture and listed below are some of the most beautiful modern cave properties.

The Santorini Cave Home in Greece
Santorini cave home

The Yunak Evleri in Turkey

Turkish cave home

The Beckham Creek Cave Home

creek cave home

Spanish Cave Homes in Andalusia

andalusian caves

Natural Iranian Cave Homes

cave homes

Garimasu Hotel in Turkey

cave hotel

Cave Hotel by Oppenheim architecture + design

modern cave hotel


Cave Cottage in Nas montanhas de Fafe in Portugal

cave cottage


Buried House in Vals, by SeArch and Christian Müller

buried house

The Rock Cottage in Wolverley, Worcestershire

rock cottage