15 Cool And Creative Modern Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are one of the most used and abused home accessories and seldom do they add to the aesthetics of your home. However, a number of designers are thinking out the box and are designing hooks that are much more than utilitarian objects. Listed below are some of the most creative modern wall hooks out there.

Mr and Mrs Hangup Wall Hooks by Black + Blum

The Mushroom Wall Hook by Workeman

The 8-Bit Pixelated Pointy Finger Hooks

Quote Hook by Blend Design

Knives Wall Hook

Kikkerland Back-Up Man Wall Hook 

Illuminating Alone Coat Wall Hook

Hook Boxes by Luca Nichetto

Fillet 3d Wall Hooks 

Bullet Wall Hooks by Anderson Horta

Branch Wall Hooks

Bird Hook by JBA Design 


“HANG time” Hooks by Seletti 

City Wall Hook By Radius Deign