16 Of The Worlds Coolest Music Inspired Furniture And Design

I shudder to imagine a world without music and the ever wise Shakespeare rightly said “If music be the food of love, play on”. No matter what your poison is (rock, pop, jazz, country, folk, hip-hop, rap) I firmly believe that we  all have a soundtrack to our lives. Songs that remind us of our childhoods, our prom night or even our wedding day. The A&D world also concurs and time and time again we have come across designs inspired by music and musical instrumentals. Listed below are some of the coolest music inspired furniture and architecture.

The Fender Stratocaster Table

Diesel Turntable Bedding

Bughouse Album Side Table


Rock Design Guitar Coffee Table

Moroso/Diesel Coffee Table

Rock Design Extended Shelf

Recycled Console Turntable Clock

The Piano House in China


Piano Table

LED Piano Light

The iPod Mini Coffee Table

Fender Hot Seat

Bughouse Coffee Table

The Boombench


Guitar Chair From Metz Functional Art

Rock Design Clothes Track