35 Million Dollar French Mansion With Chanel Walk-In Closet

You don’t need to be a Carrie Brawdshaw to appreciate the wonders of a million dollar Chanel walk-in closet! Yes, my fellow fashionistas, such a closet does exist and  I have not conjured it up from my imagination. The Champ d’Or Mansion which translates into a not so subtle  “Fields Of Gold” is up for grabs for a staggering $35,000,000 and the highlight of the mansion is no doubt the Chanel walk-in closet. Owned by CEO of Alan Goldfield and his wife Shirley (guess she got bored by all the Chanel), this palatial home includes 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, tea room, bowling alley, 15 car garages, mini-theater, and even a ballroom. Water babies will appreciate the many pools and private lakes the mansion has access to and the 18K yellow gold knobs will be a hit among the purveyors of luxury. Located at  Turbeville Road, Hickory Creek, Texas, the Champ d’Or Mansion with its unabashed grandeur is waiting to be snapped up.