3 Fireplace Ideas for the Home

Here are 3 fireplace ideas that may help give you some visuals about what can work in new house plans or a remodeling project. There are many options on the market today, but it is still difficult to go out to one shop and see them all first hand. The first fireplace is clean and contemporary featuring a stainless surface built into a wall. The second fireplace is more transitional with a stone face with the typical black iron trim. The third model is a rustic fireplace that would be great in a lodge or a cabin. I think the stone work around the fireplace really makes the visual in this living room. These examples all come from Fireside Home and Comfort and can be found at their website.

fire place
rustic fireplace

  • http://daniel-nielsen.blogspot.com/ Daniel Nielsen

    I am staring to see these fireplaces everywhere I go. They look cool no questions there, but why is it, that the illustrations pictures never has a television in them? The fireplace has always taking it’s place, and I refuse discard my television :-)
    Very cool blog btw

  • http://www.furniturestoreblog.com John

    Very good point. The TV is a must in living room design. I am surprised that there is not a picture that has the TV wall mounted above the fireplace. Since the fireplace is usually central to a room’s theme, that may make sense.