4 Grand Modern Kitchen Islands

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and although many of us have lives far too busy for gourmet cooking, the beauty of grand modern kitchen islands is the fact that they provide the perfect space for friends or family to gather, be it for a home-cooked meal, a catered affair or a simple round of cocktails. ¬†Today’s photo series of modern kitchen islands gives a glimpse into several homes just bursting at the seams to host a lively dinner party late into the night and greet the hosts with a strong pot of coffee and a fresh newspaper when they resurface in the morning.

modern kitchen island

The Modern Kitchen Island by Rangr Studio


modern kitchen islands

Modern Kitchen Island Designed by Amy Finley


contemporary kitchen island

Modern Kitchen Isand by Reza Aliabadi


kidney-shaped kitchen island

Curved Kitchen Island from Record Cucine