5 Storage Facilities Questions to Ask Before Renting Space

Often we need extra space for our families and we look to outside sources. Here we present the “top 5 storage facilities questions” you should ask before renting space.
storage facilities

  1. Pest Control – find out if they have a pest control service and use your judgment based on what you see and their responses to your questions. Pests such as mice and roaches can get into your stuff and do a great amount of damage. In particular, if you are storing things that will come back into your home at some point, this is very important.
  2. Contract Term and Cost – according to our legal consultant, this area is often overlooked. The typical contract is very small print with a lot of “lawyer speak”. Our counsel informs the most important things are to find out are the contract term, monthly costs, and cancellation requirements. The cancellation requirements are the most important. I would expect a “30 day written notice” to be acceptable based on the competitiveness of this industry. Make sure that the contract can be severed by either party without cause. The term “without cause” means that you do not have to have a reason for canceling the contract.
  3. Accessibility, elevators, and safety – make sure that you can get to the unit fairly easily. Also, there should be a cart or dolly available to help assist you in moving items to and from the storage unit. Elevators are important if the place has multiple stories. Safety is the most important for women in particular. If you plan on going at night, important features like location, lighting, security gates, and on-site guards are important service features.
  4. Air conditioned or Not – a place that is air conditioned will keep your possessions much better than being exposed to the extreme temperature of summer and winter. Too much cold or heat can damage items. Also, temperature plays a big factor in pest control as warmer climates breed more insect activity.
  5. Open to the Outside or Inside – Depending on what you are storing, it may be better to have access from the outside. My preference is for inside storage as temperature is much better controlled this way. If you have very large items, it may be necessary to have access from the outside similar to a car garage.

There are many things to consider when looking for storage facilities. These fundamental questions may help you make the right choice for your family or business.