7 Home Gadgets Perfect for Holiday Gifting

Everyone has some home gadgets on their holiday wish list that they’d never in a million years buy for themselves, and often it’s an utterly superfluous or so-useful-it’s-almost-silly sort of home gadget with all kinds of buttons and lights.  Today’s roundup features seven equally functional and fashionable electronic gizmos to make our lives just a smidgen easier.  There’s something to keep us warm, something to make very fancy espresso drinks, something to help us pop open a bottle of soda or beer, a simple and chic sound machine…  and for the serious gadget geek, a circadian rhythm regulator that uses sound and light therapy to help us get better sleep, a super-slick black iPod speaker system shaped like a Zeppelin, and a miniature vacuum cleaner that doesn’t require us to lift a finger (now, that’s a gift that keeps on giving).  If St. Nick’s paying any attention at all, he just might keep a few of these for himself.

zeppelin ipod speakers

Zeppelin iPod Speakers from Native


sound therapy system

The Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Therapy System from Brookstone


fridge-mounted bottle opener

The Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener from ThinkGeek


Dyson heater

The “Hot” Heater from Dyson


modern espresso machine

The Breville BES860XL Espresso Machine


circadian sleep system

The Circadian Sleep System from Hammacher Schlemmer


roomba vacuum

The Roomba 510 Self-Propelled Vacuum from iRobot


Roomba vacuum found at irobot.