A Splash of Cool: 10 Awesome Bathtubs

A great bath tub is a year-round luxury; in the winter, we can slip into a warm, late bath to ease off the winter stress of bracing against the cold all day, and a cool basin full of bubbles can be the perfect antidote to a hot summer afternoon.  For those of us with only a stand-up shower to keep us clean, a hotel getaway or major home renovation is required if we want to indulge in the age-old ritual of a good, long soak… so today, we’re presenting a roundup of ten dreamy tubs to take away our troubles, if only in our imaginations.  From sweet vintage clawfoot classics to sleek, ofuro-inspired creations, there’s a stress-buster for everyone in today’s image curation.  Enjoy.

sleek modern bath tub

Veneto Tub from Bello Bagno


black and white clawfoot tub

Black & White Tub from Brandywine Studio


unusual shaped tub

Curved Modern Tub by Spiritual Mode


glass bathtub

Glass Bathtub by Novellini Cristalli


iron slipper claw foot tub

Iron Slipper Clawfoot Tub from Bella Casa


ceramic bathtub

Modern Ceramic Tub by Gilda Borgnini


purple tub

Purple Clawfoot Tub via Desire to Inspire


sleek black bathtub

Sleek Black Tub by Regia


steel bathtub

Steel Tub from Vieques


subterranean tub

Subterranean Tub by Kaesch



Glass bathtub found at Novellini Cristalli.