A Murphy Bed with a New Twist

I realize the Murphy bed is by no means new on the bedding scene. There is however always room for improvement on anything, and Flying Beds has a super idea I wanted to share with my space restricted friends. The Twirl is a combination bookcase, table, and bed that make the best possible use of a very small space. The fold out section spins, or twirls in this case, to hide the bookcase and fold out table to reveal the Murphy bed. The bed operates with ease and the locking mechanism in either position is very safe. Flyingbeds has a vast collection of beds to suit any decor in various finishes and sizes with some very innovative designs.

Twirl Murphy Bed

  • http://www.wallbedfactory.com/noir-collection.html Michelle J

    I have been looking new and interesting ideas on Murphy beds, I came across this link for FlyingBeds, pretty interesting beds. I would like to recommend this bed from Old Creek Wall Bed Factory, their Noir Collection, extremely sleek and contemporary, sometimes almost non-existent in this industry.