A Convertible Sofa Bed taken to New Heights

How often do you get to use the spare bed room, and is it worth spending time and space not to mention money decorating for the occasional guest. This may give you a great option while keeping the space factor to a minimum. The Doc sofa bed has a unique mechanism that transforms the sofa into a bunk bed complete with a hideaway ladder and safety rail resulting in two different beds. Perfect for small spaces as well as dorms, the Doc is made by UK based BonBon Trading.

doc convertible sofa bed
doc sofa bed convertible sofa
convertible sofa bunk bed

  • http://domestikgoddess.com domestika

    Another great find! It’s rare to run across anything truly original in the way of a convertible couch/bed – and this is really clever!

  • eleni

    omg i want one how much?
    hey are so cool!!

  • http://www.mobelform.com/ John

    Elini, These beds are for sale at http://www.mobelform.com/ for $6,800 in Italy.
    I have not found a retailer in the U.S. by searching online, but I know the customer service department at Bonbon can be reached at services@bonbon.co.uk .

  • http://padstyle.com/mobelform-doc-sofabed/413 John

    Thanks for the comments everyone! I just noticed our friends over at Padstyle did a story on the Doc sofa bed as well. Be sure to check out their story at http://padstyle.com/mobelform-doc-sofabed/413

  • Margaret

    Design & Comfort in NYC sells these (and other nifty Eurpoean convertables).

  • donna williams

    where can people get them in Australia?

  • John

    Hi Donna,
    I would contact the Bonbon Trading website and see if there are any retailers Australia.

  • Sofia

    That’s brilliant!!!!

  • ambreen

    very brilliant idea from where i can get it in ksa

  • Joey Gee

    omg its so amazing
    i wish it was affordable :)

  • Jennifer

    Were can I get this in New York or New Jersey? I tried that NYC site but it didnt work.