AeroDream One iPod And iPad Music Dock

The almighty iPhone just reached new heights in the music industry courtesy French musician Jean Michel Jarre. The AeroDream One by Jarre Technologies is an iPod/iPhone music dock of epic proportions and stands tall at an impressive 3.40 meters. Audiophiles will appreciate the 10 000W, with the 5 channels amplifier, the  impressive subwoofer 18 “ and the that they will be privy to two free VIP tickets to one of Jean Michel Jarre’s concerts during his World Wide Tour and will also get to meet Jean Michel Jarre in person. The tower station is available in three colors and those who are not blessed in the height department can make use of the included scale which helps one to climb up to the top to install the audio device of choice. So how much does this outrageously designed 395 kilograms contraption costs? Well, just under $ 567,000, which means I just have to “dream on” to get my hands on it!

epic ipod dock


epic iphone dock


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