Desk, Bunk Bed combo from Barn Door

Most of us grown ups have a more selective taste now that we are aware of the finer things in life, but imagine seeing the Bedzilla from the BarnDoor Funiture Co. as an eight year old child. This bunk bed is so cool I would have even done my homework to get it! The Bedzilla leaves nothing out, storage drawers, writing desks x2 (for the homework) full and twin bed on wheels, all in a fort like concept. Barn Door specializes in country style furniture and also makes several other models but this is my favorite, just ask your child. The bed exceeds child safety standards and is very durable.

Barn Door Furniture Bedzilla Bunk Bed

  • Matt

    Very nice bunk beds, I wish they would drop ship.
    Matt at

  • Traci

    Where can I find Bedzilla, even a used one since Barn Door has gone out of business?

  • John

    I searched high and low for Barn Door about two months ago and could find nothing! They must have gone out of business. If they did go out of business, it was done very quietly as we monitor news feeds related to furniture. I am waiting to see if their lines resurface under another brand name. John

  • Donna

    Hi, I had been looking for a bunk bed(sturdy)for my 2 sons, I always shop at this consignment shop by my house. I lucked out, they just got one of there beds in today. (March 20, 2008), anyway, I did some searching on the net, and they did go out of business. last year. so you may want to try a consignment shop.

  • Kate

    it doesn’t say the price any were i want to know what the price is for this bunk bed

  • joe


  • John

    You will have to contact the website to get pricing. thank you, John

  • Mai Cha

    Wow, this is such an amazing bunk bed. I truly wished I had a bed like this. It has like every thing there is to have. This is like my DREAM BED!!!!!!!! I wished I had one NOW!!!!! This is soooooooooooooo COOL!

  • Renae

    im intresed in the desk, bunk bed combo from barn door i was wondering if you sell these kind of beds any where and how much

  • Morgan

    I have a barn door furniture set FOR SALE. I have a full-size bed, bookshelf, dresser, trundle drawer, and bedside table.
    Please let me know if you are interested! It’s in great shape.
    I am located in Charlotte, NC -

  • Kelly

    I have a Barn Door Bunk set and need to replace the runners on the bureaus. Anyone have an idea who made them? Can we still get parts for this stuff>
    Please contact me if you have any ideas>

  • michelle

    I had a connection for barn door furniture bookmarked in my favorites – it automatically goes to this website now: and the stuff they have listed under Tough Stuff seems to be the barn door stuff – doesn’t look exactly like my son’s bunks, but then again, I got them about 7 years ago. I am now looking to change to a full-size bed for him and hope the finish matches pretty close. Good luck!!! 1/7/09

  • Louise

    My 3 boys have NOT managed to demolish the Barn Door furniture in 14 years! About 3 years ago Barn Door sent me replacement plastic parts to the drawer runners. I recently tried to get more and discovered that they went out of business in December 2008. Such a shame – great indestructible furniture!! I’m off to Home Depot to look for replacement runners.

  • Kathryn

    cool bed!! where can i get one?!