Architectural Seating: Fabrizio Ballardini’s Dama Sofa

Since its creation in 2004, Fabrizio Ballardini’s Dama Sofa has been a staple in the Arflex collection.  Why is it such an important addition to the premium line bearing the Arflex name?  It starts with the options.  There are thirty-three available elements; each individual piece allows you build a relaxing experience that is exactly right for you.  Ballardini is a professional architect by trade, so when he designed the Dama Sofa he incorporated his unique perspective on design into elements softer than stone and brick.


dama 1

Dama Sofa by Ballardini

dama 4

Dama Sofa has comfortable styling and comfort


In architecture buildings must withstand a test of time both in stability and style, a truth with which Ballardini is intimately aware.  When preparing the Dama Sofa by Arflex for your home, he created pieces that are contemporary in a way that supersedes passing fads of interior fashions. Resting low to the ground on recessed block legs, the modular forms feature deep seats and wide arms for physical comfort and a casual, timeless appeal.  The backrest is available in two different heights.  The low back opens up the lines of sight throughout the room, and reduces the visual size and weight of even the largest sofa configurations. 



dama 3

Dama Sofa

dama 6

Dama Sofa ideas


Choose the tall back, and you’ll have full, ergonomic support for your head, neck, and shoulders.  The easy, inviting look of the Dama Sofa is designed to achieve just that: a welcoming sense of comfort that, like architecture, will look just as beautiful and friendly years later as it does the day you first lay eyes on it.  


Wouldn’t entertaining on the Dama Sofa create the perfect weekend?