Bathroom Glass : Vanity Sink Basin by LineAqua

A bathroom glass decorating theme can be done tastefully to add elegance to a bathroom design. This vanity sink features a wonderful glass basin that looks really cool and very much different that the normal “porcelain color” we see day in and day out. Besides the glass work, the vanity and storage cabinet are made of a neutral color oak which compliment the overall appearance of the furnishings. A nice feature in a vanity approach as opposed to built-ins, is that they pieces can be spaced apart. I would also add that free standing models often make a bathroom look a bit bigger. Price: (all pieces shown) $3,944.

vanity sink in glass

bathroom cabinetry

bathroom glass vanity


    Im invited a my works design in my blog

  • Carol Crenshaw

    Now that’s a beautiful looking vanity. I have been looking all over the place for the perfect one. It seems the road has narrowed and it’s either this one or this Bathroom Vanity. I have to run it by my husband first. Fun fun!

  • John

    Good luck on your conversation with your husband!

  • Allison

    That looks like a very nice addition to any bathroom. I feel the exact same way about my Bathroom Glass Basin

  • Steve

    Beautiful made vanity. Very popular

  • Steve – Radiator Showroom

    I have to admit, when ever I tour a model home or review a house plan my attention is always drawn to the bathroom design. For me it is the room in the house that offers the most opportunity for innovation and artistic expression. I don’t know what it is, maybe the presumption of a quiet contemplative space that makes the bathroom feel like a potential private design gallery of sorts. That said, this sink design has made it into the bathroom of my dreams! So simple yet breathtakingly modern. I can see it stopping people in their tracks. Bravo!

  • Amanda Chen

    I like this design too but I would like to make it in onyx instead, so that i also can have light under it, which would not be too strong.