Belmuda Colony Storage Device Frees Your From Wires

Okay here is something I want you to do. Just take a quick look around the room you are sitting in and count all the wires. I bet there are more than three wires or cables snaking around you that are connected to your device like the computer, the media player or the cellphone charger. If entangled cables are the bane of your existence then free yourself from the mess by getting the Colony Storage Device from Belmuda. Designed to organize cables, adapters, wires and just about anything else that is hideous, Colony is also safe since its dotted with several circular openings at the base which act as a ventilation system. However what the most striking feature of Colony is its design since its shaped like a Chinese vessel to maintain a rarefied striking style.

Belmuda Colony Storage Device
Belmuda Colony Storage Device - 2