Bibliothèque Zelli Bookcase from Dar en Art

We received an interesting submission from Dar en Art featuring a contemporary bookcase designed by Younes Duret. Called Bibliothèque Zelli, the bookcase is created in a shape that reminds me of a snowflake. This unique design creates interesting pockets of storage providing a creative method for the organization of your items. This piece has a diameter of 140cm and is available in white or black. Pricing is available upon request at Dar en Art.
Bibliothèque Zelli Bookcase Dar en Art
Dar en Art Younes Duret Designer

Bibliothèque Zelli Bookshelf
I received a comment back from the designer and he is actually a reader of my blog! You can learn more about Younes Duret at Extru-D.

  • Younes

    HI… I’m amazed… I’m actually a reader of your blog… and what do I see… MY BOOKSHELF!!!
    I’m actually the designer who made this bookshelf and the chair (Liline) next to it… you can see the rest of my work at
    This bookshelf is a 8 times combination of the same structure. It makes the product easy to build.
    Thanks again… it’s an honour to see my work featured in this blog…
    PS: if you can put my name and a link to my website it will be just perfect…

  • John

    Your quite welcome. Be sure and let us know about your next design. John

  • Wiley Wiggins

    I want that chair too!!

  • John

    I will see what I can find out on that chair. I agree that it is “way cool”.