Bird in Hand Lamp Lights Any Room, Without the Birds

You know how you can use your hands to make the shape of a bird and bring a smile on a kid’s face especially if you’re playing with shadows on a wall? Well, what if we’d take the shape of a flying bird made by our hands and turn it into a lamp concept? That’s probably what dutch designer J.P. Meulendijks was thinking of when he created the Bird in Hand lamp concept. The lamp is made of plenty of birds, as long as you’re used to seeing birds in hands, and can be used to bring light to any room of your modern house. But the thing that the Bird in Hand lamp design doesn’t have is an actual bird, so it’s up to you to image it, and all those bird shapes there should help you with that.

Bird in Hand 1.jpg
Bird in Hand 2.jpg

Bird in Hand 3.jpg
Bird in Hand 4.jpg
Bird in Hand 5.jpg