Bora Bora Island Real Estate and Dream Homes

French Polynesia Bora Bora is famous as a vacation destination with its majestic lagoons and crystal clear water. Island real estate is hard to come by since the location is so coveted and not just open to any outsider that is not a local citizen. These pictures are for those who are serious about owning island real estate or are like me and enjoy dreaming about “what could be”. This small community of seaside villas is being developed by Theirry Barbion in collaboration with the local government and Four Seasons. Each villa will either be seaside or lagoon side depending on its facing. In total there are 15 dream homes available on 16 acres of real estate. You can see from the design pictures the use natural vegetation and architecture structure in the construction plans.

Lagoons in French Polynesia Bora Bora
Bora Bora Vacations
patio dining area next to pool
Island of Bora Bora

Beach Houses on Bora Bora
Guest Bedroom and Bathroom
Homes for Sale in Bora Bora
Hula Girls
Island Lagoons during sunset
Island Real Estate for Sale Bora Bora
Island Villa Living Room
Landscape Mountain Range on Bora Bora
Master Bedroom in Island Decorative Theme
Mountain on Island of Bora Bora
Sea Vegetation
Land Plots Bora Bora
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    Wow, very nice pics. Bora Bora island is very famous island, you should visit once in your life time.. That climate is very nice thought the year tourist atr visit. Bora Bora Island hotel can make arrangement of activities like fishing, diving, water skiing, sailing, canoeing, cruising or snorkeling. Motu Toopua is a good for snorkeling and diving. Here you can also going for shopping. Major attraction is French Polynesian Island is the Matira Beach.