Change the Channel: The Remote Control Pillow from Brookstone

If you’ve ever wanted to befuddle friends who’ve come over to watch the big game (or the big awards show), or maybe just confuse the living heck out of a house sitter, here’s your chance.  The comfort-minded, tech-happy folks behind Brookstone offer an accent pillow that does an awful lot more than just give you a little lumbar support; it’ll change your channels and control your television’s volume, too.  The remote control pillow is exactly what it sounds like: a throw pillow that functions as a remote control, with clickable “buttons” sewn into its face and a universal remote tucked inside, using two AAA batteries to keep its functionality up.  Capable of handling up to 6 home theater systems, the pillow even has a power-saving automatic shutoff feature that activates itself after 60 seconds of rest to avoid constant battery replacement.  While some might call it a new plateau for laziness, others simply see it as a fun, conversation-worthy addition to a home theater system.  Just be careful not to doze off on the couch with this cozy little novelty underneath you — after all, particularly if you toss and turn in your sleep, who knows what you might wake up to?


remote control pillow


remote control cushion


remote pillow


Photo credits: Brookstone