Chestnut Table and Bench Set With Thermochromatic Finish

I am a regular chilled out gal,till someone forgets to use a coaster and damages my  wooden furniture. So while I am not sure how the anal retentive side of mine would respond to the  Linger a Little Longer table and bench set, I am sure most of you will be amused by it. This cheekily designed solid chestnut timber furniture set features a  thermochromatic finish. Which in English basically means, that it responds to the heat of the object that comes in contact with it and then creates a “watermark” that stays grayish until it cools back to room temperature. A brainchild of UK-based, Australian-born designer Jay Watson, the Linger a Little Longer table and bench set will bring in a healthy dose of fantasy and art in your living room.

thermochrome furniture


heat sensitive table


hypercolor table