Closet Organization Made Easy with the Anteprima Closet

Closet organization for most of us is a challenge. I like to tell myself that it is largely due to the amount of space I have to work with and not the size of my wardrobe. For most of us, that is likely the case. Since wardrobes are seasonal, hopefully there is another place where the out of season clothing can be stored. The “Anteprima Closet” pictured here would solve many of our problems. First off, this baby is just downright huge (which is what we all need). I do like the layout of the room and how the hangers are organized. This design maximizes the amount of “hanging” space with hanger racks going nearly all throughout the space. I like to hang up clothes so this is a good fit for me. There does seem to be ample storage for non-hang up articles. The shelves that run throughout the top of the racks would provide a lot of extra storage. More information: here.
closet organization