Colorful Comfort in the Cocca Chair by Arflex

Indoor/outdoor furniture must be durable, but a beautiful design should contain a balance of textures and aesthetics.  The Cocca Chair is perched on the very forefront of modern trends thanks to a form that hovers evenly between hard and soft elements.  Designed for any conceivable space, this sturdy chair is crafted to withstand the daily pressures of a truly functional piece of furniture.


cocca 3

Cocca chair by Arflex

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Cocca chairs come in colorful varieties


Indoors or out, the Cocca Chair’s commanding presence is synonymous with modernity and strength.  It defies time itself with a shape that is both retro and futuristic in one timeless, sweeping form. The frame of the Cocca Chair by Arflex, the element of durability and hardness, is made with tough polyurethane conceived entirely from a single custom mold.  Finished in a high-gloss polish of cherry red, ebony, or snow white, it looks as sleek as a freshly-painted classic car.  The curved edges soften the shape just enough to prevent the chair from looking harsh and uninviting without losing its mod edge.


cocca 4

Cocca chairs

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Cocca chairs are a synthesis of firm construction with fluffy and light cushions



The true invitation to settle into the large seat comes from the soft foam-core cushion with feather lining.  The upholstered cover is fully removable for care and cleaning as needed.  This synthesis of the firm, molded frame and the fluffy, light cushions is what the Cocca Chair brings to your design with a touch of edgy personality.  Whether you are reclining in the shade outside or taking a seat inside your home, this is the chair that will stand the test of time in both style and function.


What outdoor setting will you brighten with your Cocca chairs?