Cool Bed for the Futuristic Home

Pictured here is a cool bed designed by Gunther Thony with the futuristic home in mind. First off, the shape of the bed is that of an egg which creates a stunning visual appeal with graceful rounded features. The white color of the bed creates a sense of serenity since sleep is so vital to our human existence. The bed comes with built in lights, sound system, and an iPod dock. These features are nice extras that are very appropriate in today’s advanced world.

Egg Shaped Bed

Cool Bed

Futuristic Beds

Unusual Beds

  • Farrokh

    Hi there,
    I am in Australia and I would like to have one of these beds the Egg shape.
    Can you please tell me how much it costs.

  • Morgan

    i would love an egg bed how much is it?

  • John

    There is a link to the manufacturer’s site where you can contact them for pricing.