Create a Stir with The Big Bang Light From Foscarini

When is the last time you had a light transform your home with just its aesthetics and not just its function? Thanks to innovative lighting designs, you can have lamps that are both stylish and practical. If you love extraordinary designs, you’ll love the Big Bang Light from Foscarini. Design duo Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez had modern interiors in mind when creating this piece of art. Just like its name, the light resembles the Big Bang that occurred at the very beginning when the universe was being formed. It is made up of an irregular plastic structure that creates an explosion of light at the centre.


big-bang light 1

The Big Bang Light by Foscarini

Big Bang Light 2

Big Bang Light


The Big Bang Light radiates from the core to the outer areas creating a novel lighting effect while lighting up an area nicely. The Big Bang light is comprised of intersections of red or white metacrylate panels. It is dramatic, stunning, and will beautifully light up your dining room, living area, or entrance hall. It adds vivacity to any setting it’s placed in and is ideal for those who want to make an impression. Get the light in white if you want to tone things down but get it in red if you want to give a room added drama and appeal.


Big Bang 4

Big Bang 4 – what an explosion of forms!

Big Bang 5

Big Bang Light


If you have a large home, get two or more lamps to break up the space and to create uniformity. The light also comes in a small size making it ideal for people with small homes. You’ll simply love what this light will do to your interiors; offer diffused and reflected light while adding beauty.


The illuminating Big Bang light, what room will you grace with its presence?