Ultra Modern Lounge Seating by Dima Loginoff

Designer Dima Loginoff of Moscow has a creative approach to modern seating as well as several areas of interior design. The young designer won a Design Debut Award for the Bone Lounge shown here, which is actually a compilation of many slightly different panels that when attached make a two sided modern bench style lounge. Also shown is Loginoff’s C Lounge that takes on a smooth organic shape which has many faces depending on color and exterior texture. This is a great example of the bold and unusual furniture design by Dima Loginoff that I am sure will be expounded upon in years to come.

ultra modern furniture dima loginoff
  • http://seatingzone.wordpress.com chairgirl

    Fabulous couches! But on that first one I wonder how much people would be willing to sit on the center part… but I could see it working well in certain venues.

  • shawana

    good artistic approach!!!!