Designer Home Radiators from “My Italian Design” Studio

Furniture Fashion received this product submission from “My Italian Design” studio that features exciting home radiators. Named “Calorisfero” this radiator is a combination of wood and steel where the wood has been woven around the steel to create an ornate display on any wall of the house. In the picture there is natural stained wood. It is also possible to have the wood come in a variety of colors, thereby matching its appearance to the décor of your home. Product costs: €1,850 (as pictured) to €2,100 (customized colors). More information: here.
Designer Home Radiators

  • Steve – Radiator Showroom

    Wow – this is a fantastic blog – where have you been hiding it from me?
    Seriously though nice design selections, particularly this radiator which looks like it would be right at home heating the Museum of Modern Art as well as my living room! My only concern would be how long the wooden ‘spiral’ would hold up to the changes in temperature? I’m sure the wood is heat and pressure treated, so I’m most likely worried about nothing.
    More radiator designs please – I’m thrilled!