Dune Kitchen Cabinets by Pedini: Cooking in Style

Kitchen cabinets can make or break your kitchen’s style and functionality. The right ones can increase your home’s value and help you to attract prospective buyers if you’re looking to sell. When you want to replace your old cabinets or to buy new ones, consider the Dune cabinets By Pedini. They are defined by asymmetrical curved base units which echo the flowing forms found in nature. The cabinets were created to meet the modern homeowner’s need to seamlessly connect the living space and the kitchen. They have no handles and their openings are obtained by vertical aluminum profiles (for the tall units) or grooves on the edge of the extra thick front panels (for the base units).The deep drawers make the cabinets both functional and fashionable.


dune 1

Curvilinear forms in the kitchen cabinetry profile are unique

dune 4

Which finish do you love the most?


These cabinets offer a high component of individual variations and adaptability which creates a harmonious environment between the functional elements of your home. They make daily living more practical with their great storage capacity, personalized spaces, quality opening systems of doors and drawers, and automated closing mechanisms. They are made to adapt to their surroundings and come with various worktops including steel, wood veneers, and quartz. Dune kitchen cabinets by Pedini are available in stained or natural eco friendly walnut or high gloss, matte, and textured lacquer.


dune 3

Kitchen style with functionality

dune 5

Blends seamlessly with your kitchen style


These stylish cabinets make a perfect fit for any home. They focus on functionality and allow total access from many sides of the working area. Get them for your home and make the kitchen your favorite spot. Don’t you think Dune kitchen cabinets are perfect for your home’s style?

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