Easy Being Green: Amazing Examples of Indoor Landscaping


In a world in which concrete is king, urban sprawl is everywhere and highways are growing more congested by the second, green spaces are harder and harder to come by.  So, for those of us with a tendency to take matters into our own hands, there’s been a boon of late in “green” or “living” walls, vertical gardens, and other feats of indoor greenery that, in some cases, leave our jaws hanging open in awe.  Today, we’ve rounded up ten amazing examples of indoor landscaping from America to Europe, with perhaps a stop or two in between.  These inspiring, artful creations bring nature into a home in a way that’s at once wild and free, yet curated and crafted with care.  We can think of few things more zen than living inside of life, which is exactly what the inhabitants of these workspaces and living quarters get to do on a daily basis.  In fact, if we’re being honest, you might say we’re green with envy.


forest floor design

Forest Floor Treasure Tapestry from Angela Adams