Electric Cappucino Milk Frother from Nespresso

When it comes to making cappuccino in the home the most difficult part is surely frothing the milk. At times it can be inconsistent for no apparent reason. Nespresso has created an electric gadget that simplifies the process. The milk frother works by having a small wire at the bottom of a metal cup. Once you plug the device in and start it, it automatically heats up the milk creating a great pot of cappuccino topping milk froth. It takes about a minute, so the timing is very fast. The only real mistake that can be made is if you fill up milk past the line marked inside the cup. The cup is not hard to clean at all. It is stainless, so as long as you rinse it out right after each use, it is very easy to keep clean. One batch made by the device can supply two large cups of cappuccino with ample froth. Price: $99. Available: here.
automated cappucino milk frother.jpg

  • Robbert Broersma

    Gave this one as a gift to both my mother and mother in law, and they both are still very happy with it. One got overheated, but they immediately got a replacement, no questions asked.
    It really only makes the cappuccino foam, so you will get coffee with foam, instead of cappuccino. But the great thing about the foam is, that it keeps your coffee warm for a longer time :)

  • John

    I have to agree with you. I love mine. This makes foam so easy to make whereas it was always a challenge to get it just right.