Enjoy La Dolce Vita with These 5 Italian Dining Tables

True to form, the majority of Italian dining tables on the market are anything but subtle.  In stylistic homage to the land from which they came, today’s roundup features strong, bold, sumptuous lines and hearty materials; stone plays an integral role, as do dark wood tones and tall, squared-off chair backs.  From the movable parts of Zanotta’s “Raw” table to the simple and strong glass-and-sculpural-base approach of Rosetto’s more modern offering, each table is fit for La Famiglia de Medici.  Gather around one with family or friends, some pasta and a great Chianti, and you’ve got yourself la dolce vita indeed.

dining table with movable parts

The “Raw” Dining Table with Movable Parts by Zanotta



Italian dining table

The Milano Dining Table from Exelsior Designs



Italian glass dining table

Modern Glass Dining Table by Rossetto



solid stone dining table

Italian Solid Stone Dining Table by 1 Contemporary Furniture



classical Italian dining table

Classical Italian Dining Table by Bastex


Zanotta’s “Raw” dining table found at AllModern.