Fashionable Heels And Boots Pet Bed From P.L.A.Y

Gone are the days when pet beds were dull and monochromatic. Companies like P.L.A.Y are designing premium beds that will get the nod of approval from even the most snotty fashionista. Each bed by P.L.A.Y has an unique design or pattern and my personal favorite is the highly fashionable Heels And Boots Bed. The artwork encourages your precious pooch to express him or herself and the artwork has been created exclusively for P.L.A.Y. by dog-lover David Collins. The bed has a 100% natural cotton covering and is made with eco-friendly fill manufactured from certified-safe recycled plastic bottles.
“Bulldogs in high heels and poodles in cowboy boots—our pets shouldn’t feel self conscious about expressing themselves!” – P.L.A.Y. Artist Dave Collins.