Find Clarity with ASI’s See-Through Side Tables

Blink and you’ll miss them – that’s part of their charm.  ASI (Art, Style, Innovation) presents a trio of playfully clear acrylic side tables that bear more than a passing resemblance to classic Lego blocks.  Completely see-through and unapologetically geometric, they add a dash of whimsy to a room without interrupting its lines or competing with its color palette.  In fact, each one on its own would perfectly complement the clear acrylic rendering of Philippe Starck’s “Louis” chair that’s enjoyed a profound resurgence of late.  The trio’s individual names are “Ellie,” “Wright” and “Peekaboo.”  The 18″ cubes are available direct from ASI at $450 each; custom sizes and smoked acrylic versions are also available by request.

acrylic side tables