Finding Zen: 10 Pieces of Modern Asian Furniture

There are fewer places where the juxtaposition of old and new is as stunning as it is across Asian cities like Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing, where pagodas proudly stand their ground amid 20th and 21st century skyscrapers.  That oddly-jarring balance is present in today’s roundup of modern Asian furniture, too, where the homage to the designs of centuries past is still evident in sleek contemporary lines and curves.  Antonio Lupi brings us a porcelain update on the traditional Japanese ofuru soaking tub, while Houzz and Orchid Furniture bring angular Oriental garden patterns into their patio bench and bedframe; the result is a bold and soothing feeling of ancient Eastern craftsmanship and a sense of continuity from then into now.

modern asian inspired pool furniture

Modern Asian-Inspired Pool Furniture from Balance



zen roof terrace

Modern Zen Roof Terrace Garden Design By Amir Schlezinger



zen wall unit

Media Wall Unit by Yomei Oriental Furniture



mandarin bed

Elm Mandarin Bed by Orchid Furniture UK



asian bench

Hartford Bench from Houzz



asian-inspired bathtub

Wanda Bathtub by Antonio Lupi



bamboo sectional furniture

The Bamboo Float Sectional Sofa from Viesso



asian-inspired decor

Asian Living Room by Sheri Martin Interiors



asian-inspired bathroom doors

Asian-Inspired Bathroom Closet Doors



zen water features

Edge-Lit Ice Wall from Light Link



Mandarin bed found at Orchid Furniture.