Fire It Up: 10 Ultramodern Vent Hoods

Generally speaking, there’s nothing sexy about vent hoods.  Today’s roundup, though, might change that just a smidge.  Led by a brand named Elica, of which four vent hood designs made it into today’s series, there’s an aesthetic movement happening among kitchen appliance designers. The bulky, overwhelming monstrosities of yesteryear are being replaced by sleek discs, curved sculptural plates and even glimmering chandeliers all serving the same purpose: to eliminate excess heat and steam from a kitchen during meal preparation.  Style and functionality most definitely go hand-in-hand where these new culinary helpers are concerned.

polished stainless steel vent hood

Elica Platinum Polished Stainless Steel Vent Hood



chandelier vent hood

Elica Star Vent Hood



green vent hood

Elica Om Vent Hood



modern vent hood

Elica Skin Vent Hood



ultramodern vent hood

3D Model of Ictinia Kitchen Exhaust Fan Hood



modern vent hoods

Rialto Vent Hood by Falmec



36-inch vent hood

Zephyr 36-Inch Roma Wall Mount Hood



curved black vent hood

Omaggio Wall-Mounted Range Hood by Britannia



modern vent hood designs

Ravenna Vent Hood by Futuro



hanging island with vent hood

DA249 Vent Hood Hanging Island from Miele


Platinum, Star, Om and Skin vent hoods found at Elica.