From the Ground Up: 10 Beautiful New Flooring Options

Once upon a time, floors were floors, and most of them were wood.  Then, at some point in the late 1900s, a rather horrible invention called vinyl flooring came into play, as did subpar carpeting.  These days, though, the options are seemingly endless: hardwoods, softwoods, laminate, cork, tile, stone, marble, Berber, modern parquet… the list goes on and on.  So today, we’ve rounded up some of the best of what’s out there — everything from simple slate tile to wildly imaginative inlays in wood and marble.  Enjoy this vast and adventurous journey through ten beautiful new flooring options. The ground floor is, after all, the best place to start any ascension, isn’t it?

marble inlay floor

Marble Inlay Flooring by Budri


crocodile floor

Faux Crocodile Skin Floor by QuadroLegno


amazing floor

Impressions Flooring from Senso


heated flooring

Heated Flooring with Digital Enhancement on Image from Hobrob Solutions


leather floor

Leather Novara Black Tile Kitchen from Modern Flooring Concepts


penny tiles

Penny Tiled Floor via Blinds2Go


living floor

Slatted Living Floor from a21 Architecture


floor mosaic

Wood Floor Mosaic and Inlays by Parchettificio


grey tile floor

Ararat Tile Flooring from Modern Flooring Concepts


cork flooring

Cork Floors from Duro Design



Several entries in today’s series found at Modern Flooring Concepts.