From the Top Down: 10 Hanging Room Dividers

Creativity can be quite the premium when it comes to the matter of defining a space.  As modern architecture favors open floorplans and large common areas with little delineation between cooking, living and dining areas, sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands to control flow and function.  Enter the art of room dividers; they can double as art and pseudo-wall, lending a smidge of privacy without permanently disrupting the architecture of the structure in which it stands.  And for those who prefer a slightly airier, more open feel to their homes, hanging room dividers are a perfect solution for an undefined space; that’s why we’ve rounded up some cool ones, ranging from opulent yet somehow organic capiz shells and laser-cut floral patterns to strong, geometric creations that couldn’t be more contemporary if they tried.  A little separation can do a lot of good, so here’s some inspiration.

see-through room divider

Hexagonal Pattern Divider by Hiroshi Tsunoda


bamboo room divider

Bamboo Room Dividers from Fusion Home Store


hanging capiz shells

Capiz Shell Curtain by Martha Stewart


modern hanging screen

Ceiling Mounted Screen from Studio M


hanging room divider idea

Light Facet Installation by Mireille Meijs


room divider bookshelf

The Bookwave Hanging Shelf and Room Divider


laser cut room divider

Until Dawn Curtain by ArTecnica


hanging room divider panels

Definitions Hanging Dividers by Armstrong


natural hanging screen

Hanging Screen from MoMA


art deco room divider

Hanging Disc Dividers from The Bangalore Snob



Capiz shell curtain found at Martha Stewart.