Guau Mood Creating Lamp for Controlling the Room Ambiance

Making sure that you get the appropriate room ambiance for any home is important and with the proper pieces such as lamps and shades, the preferred mood can be set in no time. But to make it all happen, you will need the right lamps and the Guau Mood Creating Lamp should start you well right off. This lush wall lamp is a creation of Arturo Alvarez which should look great independently or in pairs. They come in edgy styles and are available in a white-painted finish. This circular lamp comes with a flat adjustable shade that allows you to move and rotate it in various positions. If mounting the Guau Mood Creating Lamp to a wall is not your thing, you can always try mounting it to the ceiling. They are available in two sizes. The lamp was designed by Roberto Feo and is a 2010 Red Dot Product Design Awardee.