Hide All Your Home Theater Gadgets Behind the Big Screen TV

So you just mounted your brand new big screen TV on a wall in your living room and now you’re wondering what to do with all the extra accessories, the cables and all your other gadgets part of your impressive entertainment center. You can’t simply leave them around the house especially since with all the wireless technology available to man we still depend on plenty of wires to power the gadgets we use regularly. Why not build a special compartment right behind your big screen TV. Inside you could place your TiVo, your DVD player, your ultra-portable desktop, and anything else you’d want to add to your home theater setup to turn it into a powerful media center. Check the pictures below and start planning the whole project but remember to let air and IR in for cooling and controlling your gadgets, respectively.

Home Theater Behind TV 1.jpg
Home Theater Behind TV 5.jpg

Home Theater Behind TV 2.jpg
Home Theater Behind TV 3.jpg
Home Theater Behind TV 4.jpg