High Quality Patio Furniture

There is nothing more beautiful than looking out the back windows of your home and seeing your very own chunk of paradise. Often we pay very close attention to the aesthetics but forget about the functionality and comfort, as well as the usefulness of our outdoor furniture. As many of you have seen there are some really cheap, literally disposable patio sets that will make due for a few summers and not much more. There are however some very nice products on the market which will last for many years and prove to be cost effective.
adirondack chairs patio furniture

One of the most durable and weather resistant materials on the market today is Poly-Wood. This maintenance free synthetic material which is being used quite a lot eliminates any chance of rust or beak down from the elements. It is very ecologically friendly as well. Made from 100% post- industrial and post- consumer recycled plastic you can relax and impress your earth conscious friends at the same time. Sure this will cost more than the standard tubular steel and plastic strap set, but you will be buying once verses multiple times.
If you are in to a more classic look an all wooden set may be the right choice. Even though Poly-Wood is hard to beat, there is something to be said for the beauty of redwood, white cedar, or for the true connoisseurs, teak. I have had many years of experience with teak from my sailing days and it is the hardiest of all the wood options. Teak is truly the Cadillac of outdoor furniture and a sure fire way to take your parties and barbeques to a higher level. My recommendation for maintenance is simple. Teak has a rather porous nature so a light oil such as linseed or lemon oil will help resist against the elements over the years. Look for items with a clear coat for maximum protection.