Eichler House : Mid-Century Modern Home Renovation Done Right

Home renovation is on the rise for obvious reasons; so many well made architecturally and geographically desirable homes are reaching the age of needing a serious face lift. Metropolitan Home recently featured the stunning mid-century (1960) Eichler House of Marika Sakellariou renovated by architects Lucian Rosciszewski and Marek Slosar who updated while respecting the roots of the homes interior and exterior. The mostly white interior and open floor plan is a breath of fresh air and compliments the natural landscape which is highly visible thanks to a transparent wall revealing the dining room, the kitchen, the living room and the master bedroom. Keep your eye on the well coordinated furniture and accessories that adorn this clean modern home renovation, especially the Aspen Sofa from Jean Marie Massaud from Cassina shown in all white. Here are some of the beautiful photographs by Shaun Sullivan featured in Met Home.

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  • candiece lindstrom

    I have experienced this home, and I mean experienced, not visited. From the moment you walk through the front door, I felt transformed by a feeling of serenity and peace. The minimalist design, with everything perfectly chosen and placed, did not feel obsessive, but very calming. It felt very pure and the distinction between outside and inside clear but distinct which enhanced the serenity of being in this home. I grew up around an Eichler in the Hollywood hills and never liked them until I saw this home Marika designed. He would have been proud to see how her hand transformed his concept.