Wooden Bath Tubs from Laguna

There is noting worse than a bathtub with harsh angles, it just makes relaxing a hard thing to do. The Laguna Basic wooden bath tub is as smooth as the time you will spend relaxing in it. The rectangular surroundings of the Basic Tub allows it to be simply integrated into an existing space, and Laguna will help make anything possible. The surface of the tub is a very hard lustrous finish making cleaning very easy. Laguna has some other very impressive styles including free standing tubs.

Laguna Basic Wood Bathtub

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    The wooden bathtubs offered by Laguna are an example of refined elegance. Inspired by dark woods which invite and radiate a sense of warmth and serenity. Its deep color and breathtaking shine can add that needed flair to an existing bathroom. Laguna Spa provides a new and unique twist to bath time.