Infinity I-Kitchen From Electrolux

The newly announced Infinity I-Kitchen from Electrolux is no ordinary refrigerator as its both a design and tech marvel. Running on Linux, the web-enabled refrigerator features a touchscreen-enabled ARM so that one can have access to apps like notes, calendar, contacts, reminders, photos, recipes and much more. The highlight of the refrigerator is its sleek futuristic design and the fridge also features a touch display with a resolution of 480×800.
Says Electrolux:

“The Notes application avoids spreading the famous Post-it notes throughout the refrigerator all the while taking its functionality to a new level, marking messages as unread, reminding you of birthdays and appointments. Through Photos it’s possible to use your refrigerator as a digital photo frame and Recipes brings more than 600 recipes published by a famous Brazilian magazine.

Infinity I-Kitchen