Iron and Wine: The Arteriors Home Blue Glass Chandelier

This may sound like a bit of a stretch to some of you, but “Iron and Wine” isn’t just the name of a popular band: it’s also the basis for a lighting fixture so visually stunning, it recently made its way into the highly discerning editorial pages of Garden & Gun magazine. Made from 52 vintage bottles forming a large concentric cone, the Arteriors Home blue glass chandelier brings together the spirit of social camaraderie with the beauty of classic objects and materials. Perhaps symbolic of the number of weeks that comprise a calendar year, the piece spans 29 inches in diameter and stands 52 inches tall on its own, suspended by a simple network of metal chains. Regardless of the significance of the number, its design most definitely harkens back to the notion of hanging bottles in trees to catch and trap evil spirits, keeping the locals safe from harm. All told, this meaningful and storied lamp retails for $2100 at Arteriors Home. To that, we say: let there be light (and, of course, wine!)


Arteriors Home blue glass chandelier


Image credits: Arteriors Home and Garden & Gun.