Just a Moment: 10 Cool Pieces of Waiting Room Furniture

Around here, we spend a lot of time focusing on home design and decor, but today we thought we’d take a little departure into professional territory.  For those of us with some measure of control over the environmental branding where we work, we’ve pulled together 10 cool pieces of waiting room furniture, from chairs and modular seating systems to accessories with a visual punch, like artful light fixtures, rugs and side tables.  If you’re making someone wait, you may as well give them something interesting to look at, and a conversation piece or two only serve to move the day’s business right along.

Bertoia side chairs

Classic Side Chairs from Bertoia



paper suspension light

The Agatha Suspension Light from Global Lighting



social seating series

Social Adaption Seating from Yanko Design



bent wood side chair

Side Chair from Alain Berteau



hot pink modular sofa

Modern Modular Curacao Sofa



grey starburst rug

Lourdes Sanchez Bull’s-Eye Rug from West Elm



orange and white convertible furniture

Flip-Up Furniture from Elemento Diseno



polka dot coffee table

Denouement Coffee Table from Anthropologie



modern modular seating

Confluences Modular Seating System by Philippe Nigro



coffee cup lights

Coffee Lights by Bernhard Stellmacher


Social adaptation seating found at Yanko Design.