Laminate Flooring That Looks Like the Real Thing by Armstrong

Laminate flooring that looks like the real thing by Armstrong. I have to say that Dean Martin was what caught my eye; after all I did grow up in some of the right decades to enjoy his entertaining. The flooring shown here is not real wood and the picture is really a celebrity double both of which look rather convincing. I have seen the Armstrong laminated floor series in a recent interior design restoration project I did and it looks as authentic as this picture of Dean!

Armstrong Swiftlock Laminate Flooring

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    There are actually two laminate product lines that Armstrong has looking like the real thing. Armstrong Grand Illusions, and then marketed under another brand they own, Bruce Park Avenue. These two are the most popular laminates in the industry right now, and for good reason. They truly are remarkable. The average retail price is around $3.09 per square foot, even though you will see it advertised much higher due to Armstrong’s Internet Minimum Advertised Price policy.
    There is also a knockoff, Witex Grandeur. It mimics the best sellers of Armstrong’s line, while offering the piano finish and the 12 mil thickness. It is available for around $.20-30 less per square foot.

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    I’m not sold on laminate flooring. The glamor shot looks ok, from what little you can actually see, but usually laminate does not feel warm, it can sometimes have a flat lifeless feel to it. I wonder if this will still look ok in a few years time, it may be like wood-look wallpaper and other such fads?