Lava Sofa Spills All Over Your Living Room

Beware, ladies and gentlemen, the following design is not a simple, plain sofa, but a piece of furniture that will reshape your whole living room. The Lava Sofa has plenty of elements that can be “spilled” anywhere in the main room of the house. Simply arrange and rearrange the various parts of the Lava Sofa as you wish, and you’ll end up with a new sofa design every week, or, why not, every day. The sofa has been designed by Cor Furniture, and it’s truly an item that will make the time you spend each day in your living-room all the more enjoyable. What color would you pick for your Lava?

Lava Sofa 1.jpg
Lava Sofa 2.jpg
Lava Sofa 3.jpg