Limited Edition Shanghai Tang Nespresso Coffee Machine

Chinese brand Shanghai Tang may not be a household name, but those familiar with it will swear by the company’s “it” factor. The luxury brand dabbles in a plethora of mediums and recently unveiled its Shanghai Tang Nespresso Coffee Machine as part of the Dragon Collection. Created exclusively in honor of the year 2012, which is suppose to be the ‘Year of the Dragon’, according to the Chinese calendar, the coffee set includes ” Nespresso CitiZ Dragon Coffee Machine, Ritual Cappuccino Dragon Cup Set, Dragon Capsule Holder with Carved Stone Inlay and Dragon Capsule Holder with Carved Silver Metal Inlay.”

Shanghai Tang Nespresso Coffee MachineChristophe Cornu, chief commercial officer  says:

“At Nespresso, creating the perfect cup of coffee is at the heart of what we do. Delighting coffee lovers around the world is why we do it. This Chinese New Year we are pleased to deliver a unique experience for Asia’s growing community of coffee lovers. Through this collaboration with Shanghai Tang, a brand that shares our passion for perfection and focus on consumer pleasure, we offer our Club members a new way of celebrating the festive season”.